First Stop on The Great Endeavour

We call it the Trappist system. To them it’s the Oklaman system.

One of the closest systems to Earth with the potential of housing habitable planets according to astronomers, the Trappist-1 system seemed like  the perfect setting for humanity’s first adventure away from Earth.

The fictionalized solar-system contains three oxygen-nitrogen planets that either support, or supported, life. Those planets are listed in the Trappist system planets segment of this page.

Trappist system planets

  • Oklama – the origination planet of the entire Trappistite race. Currently Oklama is dead, but the buildings of ancient cities remain. Proof that at one time, Oklama housed a great civilization.
  • Willok – farther from Trappist-1 than Ulndi, the Willok are stable, yet capable of deception, violence and make for indomitable opponents. Never cross a Wilcox or you will regret that decision.
  • Ulndi – The inhabitants of this world, the closest world to Trappist-1, managed to create a society in which violence has been eliminated along with crime and pettiness. They are in essence a perfect society – except they are defenseless as a result, relying solely on the Wilcox to protect them.

“While from the same system, the Ulndirites and Wilcox share very little in common.”