Meet the Team

Zach Kalinyak

Zach Kalinyak is a truly talented individual. Starting at the age of ten, Zach has been interested in creating fictional worlds. These worlds are not flat backdrops for the various stories unfolding, but rich with cultures, common and unique phrases, and even languages. Alien names come right along with the aliens they identify. He even branches out into music, creating theme songs, and art, giving the alien worlds flags or other visual markings.

Zach embodies the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. To him, writing is not an art, it’s a battle-cry. A way to simultaneously entertain, while shining a spotlight on the worst aspects of society, while theorizing possible solutions to problems, all with the most enjoyable method of entertainment – comedy.

P.E. Novak (The PEN)

P.E. Novak is a person with over half a century of wisdom collected from time spent working in nearly every industry imaginable. From working in market-research, retail, a genetic research company, programming, insurance, as an educator, a writer, a creator of games, P.E. Novak is the kind of Jack-of-all-trades that’s invaluable to any company. P.E. Novak’s seniority offers a perspective that is crucial when appealing to a wide fan-base, the perspective of the elder generation.