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The Vision

Strange Horizons Media, an imprint of Triskelion Pictures, is dedicated to creating challenging content pushing the envelope of preconceived ideas, in a story-telling method suitable for the whole family.

While COVID-19 lockdowns set us back and shifted our trajectory temporarily, know that The Television Trilogy is still in the works.

With three television series in the making, known by the team as the T.V. Trilogy, as all three shows share common threads, the Strange Horizons universe will be coming onto the scene with a shot at the big leagues right out of the starting gate.

We are glad to say that we look to engage directly with our audience online and in-person, for it is only with the aid of fans that any franchise can long endure.

Taking us Places we’ve never seen

What does a rocketship lost in space-time, a colony of rebellious pioneers on Mars and a telepathic observer from an alien planet assigned to stake out Earth have in common? They’re all produced by Strange Horizons Media and…

…each series of this television trilogy is part of an ever expanding universe of interlinked story telling. The Strange Horizons universe!

The Great Endeavour

Fifteen OuterLimits Space Association astronauts find themselves time-lost in an alien landscape. Forced to solve murders, team up with aliens who are too timid or too confident, they never stop searching for Sol system. All this while making baby steps towards taking their top of the line rocket and making it… well… actually space worthy.

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Trials of Telepathy

Frethik never expected to be Observer on a world of non-telepaths riddled with deceit and self-centeredness to such an extent that he could lose his free-will. Worse he never expected to be drafted to help the yet-to-be-created TimeSquad police Earth’s history, by setting it straight.

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L☥fe o|n M♂rs

The mission – make Mars habitable. Those assigned – the outcasts. That’s right. When it comes to risking everything on a slim chance, it’s those with nothing to lose, willing to take the biggest gamble of their lives and those who think rebuild the mainstream box who actually have the know-how to get it done right.

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Hints of the Horizons

The fate of a crew of astronauts from the OuterLimits Space Association better known as OLSA, who were flung to the Strange Horizons of twenty-five years ago in the Trappist system depends on their skills at alien diplomacy, as they strive to identify the cause of their rocketship’s time-travel. Meanwhile, stuck with aliens as allies, none of whom are the ideal traveling companions, the crew must outwit enemies with ships far superior to their tin-can rocket that OLSA supplied them with on intelligence alone. All the while hoping that the next star-chart they obtain will show them the way back home. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Great Endeavour

Observer Frethik Some (FRETH-ick SOAM), the Sileystri (sill-A-stree) telepath assigned to make contact with Earth, discovers a disturbing reality – he’s too soon! The event that prompted the Sileystri to set foot on the Strange Horizons of Earth hasn’t happened. Yet. Now, stuck in the past, aware that other aliens may have made the same error (aliens with darker motives), Frethik finds himself in the treacherous position of guardian of a timeline he hasn’t experienced happening, with only his mentor Koriak Yarok (CORE-e-AK yah-ROCK) for assistance. He must be studious to navigate the dangers that the “vortex” mentalities or narcissistic personality types which many Earthlings provide that threaten his very control over his own actions. All while tiptoeing around the vulnerable timeline in an attempt to keep it on track. As if that’s not enough his assignment to the Sileystri requires sending reports back to his people regarding the situation on Earth and when/if they will be ready for interstellar contact. Oh. And in case you’re wondering, it’s too late for him to quit. Follow Trials of Telepathy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The future of humanity’s survival, for a plethora of reasons, depends upon the success or failure of the first off world colony – established among the Strange Horizons on Mars! Corporations and governments worldwide all have conflicting agendas regarding this extra-terrestrial colony. But the colonists themselves are ultimately who must pay the price for the power plays back home. Refugees in deep space, fleeing fates worse than the uncertainty of an untested Mars colony, these daring men, women and even children, willing to take the chance of being the first humans on Mars must rise to the occasion with their freedom and survival on the line. Now the fate of the colony and Earth’s system rests in the outcome of a battle of wills between those desperate for success and those left behind on Earth, furious over their hardships that come from trying to control such a distant colony. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Where visions meet

Strange Horizons Media understands that any franchise requires a large amount of collaboration, but when taking three very successful franchises and creating custom content to retell similar stories for a 21st century audience, it takes all kinds.


Zach Kalinyak Owner, Writer, Director  

P.E. Novak Producer, Writer, Cinematographer    

Support The Franchises

Strange Horizons Media is an equal pay production company, dedicated to taking a skewed look at the modern world. Mostly through – sci-fi.

We push the currently changing boundary of what’s normal by asking the question mainstream television stopped asking a long time ago – what makes us human, and therefore humane?

Strange Horizons Media fills the void of utopian sci-fi, bringing back the family adventure genre with religious, ethnic, age, political and occupational diversity in a near-perfect future society in space.

In a world that has been getting more dystopian everyday, our shows appeal to the entire family and provide the hope that so many desperately need in these troubled times. With your help, we can provide that hope.

Because we’re a non-union, equal pay company, we rely upon the generosity of our fans and supporters like you to fund our efforts to showcase a better future and hopefully inspire the next generation to take us there.

We appreciate your donation as every little bit helps.


Zach Kalinyak

Founder, Writer, Director.


P.E. Novak

Producer, Writer, Cinematographer.