The Trials of Telepathy

HeaderOperative Frethik Some (FRETH-ick SOAM) of the planet Sileyst (sill-AYST) is in over his head! 

        A telepath stranded, mostly alone, on a world of dangerous “vortexes” and at risk of contaminating a paradox-laced timeline, The Trials of Telepathy is a show that human empaths and time-travel fans alike will enjoy. The treacherous landscape of knowing other people’s emotions and thoughts is a far greater hazard then benefit and Frethik is in the deep end. Worse than being a telepath surrounded by self-centered humans, is the knowledge that one wrong action in a delicate timeline that has yet to happen could send the events that brought Frethik to Earth out of control and eliminate the timeline Frethik knows and understands.

Operative Frethik Some

He’s naive, he’s skilled at keeping his own actions in his control when with vortexes, while leaving the vortex alive. How he got selected for the Earth mission. He’s a brilliant mind, which just makes him more prone to meddling where he probably shouldn’t.

Psychologist Koriak Yarok

He is a skilled psychologist, who tutored Frethik in becoming comfortable speaking out loud for this new assignment. His profession has him seeing mental-illness everywhere and is a little more cautious than Frethik. But when push comes to shove, like any sane telepath, he cannot turn his back on suffering.

Major Sacha Aptekar

Aptekar is the by-the-book time-cop who first brings the delicate timeline situation to the attention of Frethik and Koriak. He’s the straight arrow who knows what he’s doing, even when he doesn’t. He never wavers in his confidence and always gets the job done, unafraid of correcting himself.

Alskin Flayshor Hsal

Flayshor is perhaps the only Sileystri who is not sane thanks to a dangerous mission when he was an Operative. Now he’s the superior in charge of covert assignments, because of his strange temperament. His assignment to a world where pain and fighting were a global pastime made sufficiently callus that a job making tough decisions is where he is best utilized. Why he’s the only one without sympathy to Frethik’s repeated meddling and the one to whom both Koriak and Frethik ultimately report.