Lfe o|n M♂rs

Life on Mars

Blazing Space Trails, by putting L☥fe o|n M♂rs

Traveling to the stars has been a dream for millennium. All the way back in the history books we find innumerable stories, both real and fictional, of ordinary humans trying to reach the stars. The consequences were generally dire. Starting with Icarus and his wings of wax and Wan Hu, the legendary Chinese Emperor who sat on a chair with rockets beneath him planning to fly to the stars only for the rockets to explode instead, to the disastrous Mercury fire and Columbia reentry, journeying to space has always been a hazardous undertaking.

Given this history of disaster befalling those who try to reach the heavens, why do experts now believe we’ve achieved the secret formula? Lfe o|n M♂rs delves deep into that question, revealing that, as usual, those who think they know what it takes to put Life on Mars, really don’t.

Debates erupt over absolutely every aspect about the colony’s survival. From water sources, protecting the precious untouched ecosystem of Mars, to power whether nuclear or renewable and safer energies should power the colony. Not to mention Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and every other religion known practiced on our world fighting for authority over the Martian spiritual system. All combined, makes one thing obvious. Life on Mars is going to be a wild ride.

With Earth six months away by spacecraft and between five and twenty minutes away by phone call, or Skype call, the colonists are largely cut off from Earth. With no support or advice from the world that sponsored them in times of emergency the lack of communication doesn’t stop their sponsor planet from trying to micro-manage their lives to ensure a return on investment.

A multitude of countries want their nation to hold the exclusive stake on Mars. A multitude of companies want to exploit the Red Planet’s resources. And the rogues and refugees crazy enough or desperate enough to leave Earth in the first wave of settlers pioneering their way through the stars to put life on Mars are the last line of defense between Mars’s delicate ecosystem and the corporate greed of the Earthlings left behind.

Is this the rapture? Several colonists think so. Is this a last stand of the ecology movement? Many colonists think so. Is this a perfect chance to make a profit? A few colonists think so. Is Mars a haven? The rest of the colonists will find to the end to make it so. With the various factions of colonists at odds over the very reasons that the colony is created can they work together long enough to defend it?

Watch Life on Mars to find out the fate of Ivanovsk, the Red Planet’s first inhabitable structure where Humans divide into Earthlings and Martians in one last fight for Esperance!

The First Wave Fleet







USSC Pioneer

The ship of colonists from the Americas bound for Mars

USSC Ingalls

The ship of the Gods, where all those who are devoutly religious, regardless of faith are traveling to the Red Planet, Rapture or Night of Final Judgment demanding on spirituality.

YTF Tian Long

The ship of colonists from the Asian countries going to Mars

RKK Nevsky

The ship of colonists from the Sino-European countries going to Mars


The ship of colonists from the African continent going to Mars

EUSC Camelot

The ship of colonists from the European Union countries going to Mars

RCSC Calgary

The ship of supplies going to Mars

List of Investors

Universal Law

A law firm that specializes in international law, from international contracts, to war-crimes. Universal Law sent  Khamanit Vijitvongthong to be their legal representative on Mars. Universal Law, plans to handle all Mars-Earth legal disputes, siting legal technicalities, to ensure that their lawyers can handle both sides of the case, guaranteeing their firm a profit.

Stellar Observatories

An astronomy organization that wants to have Mars colony as yet another observatory, for even more detailed astronomical observation telescopes from a different perspective than Earth can provide, to create more detailed charts of our nearby stars.

High Caliber

A weapons company that has paid quite handsomely to have Mars colony established so that they may use the colony as a base for experiments that are prohibited on Earth while using the colonists as slave labor.

Hubert Chase

A ‘philanthropist’ who needed a massive tax write-off and saw a long-shot Mars colony as the perfect failing investment.

Braxton Industries

A concrete company that wants to put a factory on Mars to bring the concrete from Mars back to Earth.

United States of America

Who want to ultimately take control of the colony.


Who want to ultimately take control of the colony.

North Korea

Who want to ultimately take control of the colony.


Who want to ultimately take control of the colony.

International Federation of Space Exploration

An organization who ultimately want to use Mars as a launch-pad for future missions outside of our solar system.


A Romanian company that specializes in ecologically friendly energy production methods, that wants to learn what energy production techniques those on Mars colony are developing.


A virtual reality company based in Australia, that wants the colonists to get detailed 3D footage of Mars to use in their next VR game.

Girl’s Best Friends

A diamond mining company, that wants the colonists to mine Mars for diamonds.

Black Gold

An oil export company, based in Kuwait, that wants the colonists to drill for oil.

Cōngmíng de Dànăo

A Chinese based A.I. Company that wants the Mars colonists to perfect artificial intelligence using the valkyries and then hand over the technology for their use.

Starbright Pictures

A movie company that wants to put cameras on the outside of the UFOs, so that on the trip and on Mars, they can capture real-life space shots and Mars shots, for ‘optimum authenticity’ in their productions.


A genetic research company, that wants to use GMO humans, genetically modified for Mars conditions as a way to experiment on the benefits of genetic engineering on humans.

LRT Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company that wants to use the Mars colony as a lab for testing its viruses and cures.




Futura Sante


Another pharmaceutical company that wants to use the Mars colony as a lab for testing its viruses and cures.



A chemical company that specializes in fertilizers and pesticides, that wants to test their perchlorate line of fertilizers that get plants to grow in perchlorate soil on Mars.

Clifton, Stockton Group

A real estate investment firm that wants to have first pick of land outside of the complex, which it plans to sell to future colonists, once their representatives have staked out Clifton, Stockton’s claims.



A big international conglomerate, that makes all kinds of high tech technology and is supposed to be the solution to a number of problems faced on Mars.