Have you properly filled out the necessary forms and permissions necessary to view the history of the Kildageshko?

If so, you should be aware that this word of ‘Kildagesh’ means in English ‘Planetary Bureaus’ and the word ‘ko’ is the Kildageshli word for Steward/Stewardess and Stewards. While ‘li’ is the shorthanded term for language.

The Kildageshko are your average people except with an innate obsession with paperwork and needing approval for absolutely everything. They are a bureaucracy to the Nth degree and even allow for properly filled out murder forms. This is to cut down on murders.

A plotting murderer must notify the victim and police of the murder plot and if the behavior that has resulted in the murder filing is not changed in some way, the murder is an authorized crime and will not result in charges.

This is but one of the many ways that the Kildageshko are form happy.