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The Mars Conspiracies

Blazing Space Trails, by putting Life on Mars

Traveling to the stars has been a dream for millennium. All the way back in the history books we find innumerable stories, both real and fictional, of ordinary humans trying to reach the stars. The consequences were generally dire. From Icarus and his wings of wax, to Wan Hu, the legendary Chinese Emperor who sat on a chair with rockets beneath him planning to fly to the stars only for the rockets to explode instead.

Given this history of disastrous attempts to fly to the stars, why do experts now believe we’ve achieved the secret formula? The Mars Conspiracies delves deep into that question, revealing that, as usual, those who think they know what it takes to put Life on Mars, really don’t.

Red Global de Radiodifusión de Medios


This news organization of worldwide repute carries us along in the narrative as we explore a post-pandemic Earth in a post-apocalyptic world that has just united after World War III and has two highly reputed, though only one reliable, reporters to share with us the most important news regarding The Mars Conspiracies.


Presentador de noticias

News Anchor

Francesco Diablo

Francesco Diablo es el rostro y la voz de R.G.R.M. Es el hombre que siempre aclara sus hechos, desafía a la red cuando quieren matar una historia y tiene la fe y la lealtad de la gente. Él es la persona que nunca se demuestra que está equivocada, más tarde. Se enorgullece de su estilo antiguo de reportaje de noticias de “solo los hechos” sin ningún comentario o emoción que se filtre en su liberación. Quiere transmitir la verdad, no sus interpretaciones de la verdad.

Francesco Diablo is the face and voice of R.G.R.M. He’s the man who always gets his facts straight, defies the network when they want to kill a story and has the people’s faith and loyalty. He’s the person who is never proven wrong, later. He prides himself on his old fashion news reporting style of ‘just the facts’ without any commentary, or emotion seeping into his deliverance. He wants to convey the truth, not his interpretations of the truth.



Peurto Rico


On Location Reporter

Gabriel Mannix

Gabriel Mannix is the fashion plate socialite reporter who R.G.R.M. pulled out of the tabloids into real news. However Gabriel Mannix’s tendencies to fall back into mud-slinging reporting style makes him the loose cannon of R.G.R.M. He applies for Mars, simply because it’s his assignment, partly to check on the project and partly as an excuse for R.G.R.M. to quietly eliminate their greatest liability.



The time is the near-distant future, probably the latter half of our current century. The theme is as the title suggests. The clashing conspiracies that humanity has spun through prejudice, preconceptions, scientific rigidity, religious stagnation and rarely… true intelligence. The setting is a pseudo-apocalyptic Earth, that narrowly avoided a war to end all wars, thanks to the creation of United Forces, the U.N.’s military. This however was merely a band-aid solution to rising unrest throughout the world. As a result, the newly appointed post-war and highest General of the United Forces organized the world to unite on a mission that had been a common goal to the world – putting Life on Mars!

Unitum Vires

United Forces

Generale de Excercitus

Generale Liam Graff

Liam Graff ist vielleicht einer der wichtigsten Charaktere, die oft hinter den Kulissen zu sehen sind. Es war dieser Schweizer General, der zum Chef der United Leagues ernannt wurde, weil er im Ruhestand war und keine politischen Ziele hatte. Auch aus dem Land der Neutralität zu kommen hat nicht geschadet. Er erkannte die fehlerhafte Mentalität, dass ein vereintes Militär die Erde vereinen könnte und forderte daher die Besiedlung des Mars heraus und initiierte das Mars-Projekt. Aber um seinen Ruhestand fortzusetzen, setzte er einen anderen Mann ein, der die neue Internationale Föderation für Weltraumforschung leitete, um das Mars-Projekt zu leiten. Er wählte einen Mann, der keine politischen Ambitionen hatte, von einer winzigen Insel, die dringendere natürliche Feinde hatte als die Weltmächte – Generalmajor Sanka Doug von Jamaika.

Liam Graff is perhaps one of the most vital characters that’s often behind the scenes. It was this Swiss General who was appointed head of United Forces because he was retired and didn’t have any political agendas. Also coming from the land of neutrality didn’t hurt. He saw the flawed mentality that a united military could unite Earth and so issued a challenge to inhabit Mars and instigated the Mars project. But to continue his retirement, he placed another man in charge of the new International Federation of Space Exploration to head the Mars project. He chose a man who had no political ambitions from a tiny island that had more pressing natural enemies than world powers – Major-General Sanka Doug of Jamaica.





The International Federation of Space Exploration


Sanka Doug

Major-General Sanka Doug of the Jamaican Defense Force, is the disaster relief expert who made a name for himself bailing out America, the Middle East and more, from volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns and hurricanes. When it comes to taking a disaster zone (like the lifeless desert of Mars) and turning it into a flourishing community, there is no man better suited than Sanka Doug. Having been given carte blanche by Liam Graff to handpick the colonists sent to Mars, Sanka Doug chose his colonists with a sharp eye to disaster relief abilities, rather than ‘scientific know-how’, to ensure the colonists actually stood a chance of survival. Many colonists with highly respected degrees were overlooked for those with better adaptability. Many applicants with long strings of ‘qualifications’ from many jobs in the sciences were passed over for those who had better people skills and more loyalty with the kinds of jobs no one thinks about, but that communities can’t function without.



Supply Sergeant

 Darice Koffee

Darice Koffee is either a genius or an idiot. He would certainly do everything in his power when talking with you, to convince you he’s an idiot, but if you analyze his actions, you will see a calculated and meticulous plan to find out more about you than you’ve managed to learn about him. He’s Sanka Doug’s right hand man for good reason.



Mars Colonist Contenders



Дмитро Сергійович Іванов

Dmitry Sergeyevich Ivanov

Дмитро Сергійович Іванов – архітектор, який у тринадцять років створив високий міський комплекс для Марса. План, який Зоряна Ліга використовувала до того, як вони відмовились від проекту. Дмитро розумніший, ніж здається, з інстинктивним інтелектом більше, ніж культурними аналітичними навичками. Його інтуїція потужніша за аналітичні здібності. Він природний лідер, якому не подобається працювати у складі команди, оскільки вони незмінно трактують його вказівки неправильно, але він твердо вирішив пройти кожен тест, необхідний для потрапляння на першу хвилю на Марс – і перевірити стабільність свого комплексу.

Dmitri Sergeyovich Ivanov is the architect who at thirteen years old created the towering city-complex for Mars. A plan that Star League utilized before they abandoned the project. Dmitri is smarter than he appears with an instinctual intelligence more than cultured analytical skills. His intuition is more powerful than his analytical abilities. He’s a natural leader who doesn’t like working as part of a team, because they invariably interpret his instructions incorrectly, but he’s determined to pass every test necessary to get on the first wave to Mars – and check on the stability of his complex.





Meicneoir Auto

Auto Mechanic

Daniel McBride

Ní raibh Danny McBride riamh ag iarraidh a bheith san arm, ach bhí sé sásta na sábhálaithe eitilte a bhí ag teastáil ó na Fórsaí Aontaithe don Dara Cogadh Domhanda a dhearadh. Amhrasach maidir le cén fáth gur chuir na specs a tugadh dó ar a gcumas eitilt go Mars agus teacht i dtír air, tá leas dílsithe ag Danny McBride an tionscadal coilíneachta Mars seo a fheiceáil.

Danny McBride never wanted to be in the military, but he was willing to design the flying saucers needed by the United Forces for World War III. Suspicious as to why the specs he was given made them capable of flying to and landing on Mars, Danny McBride has a vested interest in seeing this Mars colony project through.





Royal Air Force pilot and Shakesperean actor

Flight Lieutenant Sir Sammuel Rothschild

Sir Sammuel Rothschild is the R.A.F. Pilot that served His Majesty King William in World War III and that the United Arab Emirates had test-flying the saucers that Danny McBride made for the United Forces and was among the few elites to successfully land Danny’s U.F.O.s. He’s a pilot with ice in his veins and the heart of a hopeless romantic. He’s smart and sly, when he wants to be and keeps true to the formal ways of a knight. It’s hard to figure out what’s going on in Sammy’s head, unless of course, he explains his thoughts. He studied Shakespeare before he was drafted.



Armada Mexicana

Mexican Navy


Sophia Martinez

En consideración a ser la líder de facto de la colonia, Sophia Martínez tiene la astucia y la determinación de mantener a su tripulación alerta y el apoyo de su tripulación demostrando que sabe cómo fomentar la lealtad. Ella es sensata, severa y puede ser completamente despiadada en la estrategia, pero tiene un corazón que hace todo lo posible para evitar que todos sepan.

In consideration to be the de facto leader of the colony Sophia Martinez has the cunning and determination to keep her crew on their toes and the support of her crew proving she knows how to foster loyalty. She’s no-nonsense, stern and can be utterly ruthless in strategy, but she has a heart that she does her best to keep everyone from knowing about.




Ghanaian Village


Khanyisile Mmorosa

Khanyisile Mmorosa is a shrewd woman. A nurturer and a defender combined. She will care for the weak and needy and be an iron wall between the defenseless and their attackers. She keeps her village safe and well fed, though they have learned enough to survive without her. She also knows that the power of taking her knowledge to Mars and using it to create a whole new society is too good an opportunity to pass up.



Ghanaian Village


Adofo Mmorosa

Adofo Mmorosa is Khanyisile’s eldest and a sort of spy and guard for the village to size up passing travelers and determine their level of threat to the village or neediness for help. He’s never been outside his tribal village, yet soon may be going to Mars.



Armada Mexicana

Mexican Navy



José Rodríguez

José Rodríguez es el probador autoproclamado de los candidatos para el Proyecto Mars. Es astuto, con la mirada puesta en el futuro y una buena comprensión de la naturaleza humana. Sabe prever escenarios imprevisibles e incluso previsibles. No es inmune a la ignorancia, pero es bastante agudo por derecho propio. Es la mano derecha de Sophia de antes y todavía lo es.

José Rodríguez is the self-appointed tester of the candidates for the Mars Project. He is a sly one, with an eye to the future and good understanding of human nature. He knows how to foresee unforeseeable scenarios and even the foreseeable ones. He’s not immune to ignorance, but he is pretty sharp in his own right. He’s Sophia’s right hand from before and still is.




Lakota Tribe – Iroquis Reservation

Medicine Man, Herbalist and M.D.

Bradley Sullers

Brad Sullers graduated Harvard medical school and was disgusted by the greed-driven American Medical mentality and so pursued a career in alternatives medicines. Retracing his lineage led him to the Lakota tribe and he began studying spiritual medicine with them, until drafted into World War III to serve as a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital doctor. Now he’s been approached with the offer of a job – on Mars colony.



Ohio Amish Country


Bobbi Montgomery

Bobbi Montgomery can hunt, shoot, gut, cook, serve a meal, repair a rifle, farm, hack a satellite and out-think most scientists. But don’t mess with her, for when it comes to stubbornness and self-assuredness, Bobbi Montgomery gives any leader a run for control of any project.



Ohio Amish Country


William Montgomery

William is the diplomat of his family. He tries to find the good in everyone and is less protective of Bobbi than his wife. He has boundaries that he won’t let people cross, but he’s by nature a pacifist, unlike his daughter.



Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeant Jasper Freedman

Jasper Freedman skilled at hiking, mountain climbing, dog-sledding, survival in cold weather and even chasing suspects in white out conditions across rugged terrain. He’s a top marksman and good at keeping things to himself or sharing them at the right moment. He embodies the Mountie’s slogan – Maintiens de le droit.



アジア人 認為  저수지

Asian Think Tank

ESL 온라인 교사

ESL Online Teacher

魚 金 종열

Jong-Yul Euogeom

魚 金은 이상합니다. 어린 나이에 해방 된 아이 신동과 지성이있는 사람은 자기보다 똑똑한 듯 존경받는 저지능의 사람들과 함께 일하는 것을 답답하게 만들고, 魚 金은 끊임없이 지적 평등을 찾고 있으며, 지금까지는 그렇지 않습니다. 그가 깨닫는 사명은 대부분의 지적인 사람들이 대중에 의해 어리 석다고 생각합니다.

Jong-Yul is an oddity. A child prodigy, emancipated at a young age and the kind of person who’s intellect makes it frustrating working with people of lower intelligence who are respected as if they are smarter than he, Jong-Yul is constantly looking for intellectual equals and it is not until this mission that he realizes most intelligent people are considered by the masses to be stupid.




North Korea

United States Army


Lieutenant Hector Warner

Hector is the kind of man who is God’s favorite in that he has an open mind and truly seeks to understand God, rather than put his words in God’s mouth. Hector understands that Mars is a huge undertaking and that God will be there to hold the hands of the colonists, probably by putting a prophet among his fellow colonists, but is too humble to realise that he is one of God’s chosen tools as well.



 The Fictional Investors Behind Mars Colony 

High Caliber

With the future of a united Earth risking a falloff in company stock, with an unpoliced colony on Mars a prime candidate for exploitation, Wayne Clemens of High Caliber is out to make a killing and using High Caliber, his high-tech weapons company to get it done. With almost one trillion dollars to invest and a knack for controlling competitor companies, Wayne Clemens is poised to force IFSE to take his money and use that as an excuse to control the colony.

 The Creators of Life on Mars

Zach Kalinyak and P.E. Novak provide the American perspective, while Giulia Fasolino, from Italy, provides insight into the Italian view of the Mars project and the more stereotypical old-science perspective. The team is dedicated to cultural accuracy, for the purpose of ensuring a truly international sensation. That is why the creators have been scouring the world for top notch talent, to create an international team from the same locales as the characters they write for or portray.

“Because we live in an age, where the world can see every episode ever produced, it’s high time that a show made content for the world to see, that’s truly relevant to these other countries,” says Zach Kalinyak. “In many ‘tutorials’ or ‘helping hints’, screenwriters are told to avoid word play and make things more visually comical when writing to have better ‘international appeal’. But that’s really still just showing… Americans.”

This is why Surviving Esperance! is dedicated to building a team of writers, actors, producers and creatives of every type from a wide range of nationalities, to ensure that the end result is truly a tribute to international television. A series that educates about existing cultures as much as it explores the formation of a new culture on the Red Planet.