The Trials of Telepathy

HeaderObserver Frethik Some (FRETH-ick SOAM) of the planet Sileyst (sill-AYST) is in over his head! 

        A telepath stranded, mostly alone, on a world of dangerous “vortexes” and at risk of contaminating a paradox-laced timeline, The Trials of Telepathy is a show that human empaths and time-travel fans alike will enjoy. The treacherous landscape of knowing other people’s emotions and thoughts is a far greater hazard then benefit and Frethik is in the deep end. Worse than being a telepath surrounded by self-centered humans, is the knowledge that one wrong action in a delicate timeline that has yet to happen could send the events that brought Frethik to Earth out of control and eliminate the timeline Frethik knows and understands.

The Trials of Telepathy is a little bit Mork and Mindy and a little bit Quantum Leap. Assigned to learn as much as he can about Earth for his people, to determine when and where is the best time and place to introduce humanity to space life, Frethik is supposed to interact with a wide range of humans as possible, without interfering in Earth’s natural development.

But when his assignment is hijacked by a highly forgettable TimeSquad cop, Major Aptekar, Frethik on collision courses, over and over again with key moment’s in Earth’s history, which all, in the grand scheme of things don’t seem all that Earth shattering. After all, it is the small moments that ad up to having the most impact.

These are the challenges which Frethik Some must endure and overcome in The Trials of Telepathy.

Observer Frethik Some

Frethik is na├»ve, since this is his very first mission as an Observer, or for that matter, in any branch of the extra-Sileystri Contact Network, which is the closest thing the Sileystri have to a Space Force. He has been trained in anchoring, a skill he only really understands the need for, once he makes it to Earth. He’s a brilliant mind, which just makes him more prone to meddling where he probably shouldn’t, rather than observing without interference as his mission demands.

Psychologist Koriak Yarok

Koriak is a skilled psychologist, who tutored Frethik in becoming comfortable speaking out loud for this new assignment. His profession has him seeing brain injury, as the Sileystri call mental-illness, everywhere. He is also a little more cautious than Frethik. But when push comes to shove, like most telepaths, he cannot turn his back on suffering.

Major Aptekar

Aptekar is the by-the-book and easily forgettable time-cop who first brings the delicate timeline situation to the attention of Frethik and Koriak. He’s a bit scatter-brained, but it’s a trait that helps when dealing with the future in the past, with the present out of focus.

Alskin Flayshor Hsal

Flayshor is the superior in charge of indirect assignments, because of his strange temperament. Due to a past assignment to a world where pain and fighting were a global pastime Flayshor became sufficiently callus that a job making tough decisions is where he is best utilized. Why he’s the only one without sympathy to Frethik’s repeated meddling and the one to whom both Koriak and Frethik ultimately report.