The Great Endeavour of this fearless crew…

The Mars colony project takes an unexpected turn. All three ships carrying astronauts to Mars encountered engine difficulties resulting in a crossing of the temporal threshold. The Enterprise collided with Mars and was destroyed, all hands lost, the Explorer has yet to resurface and the Endeavour… is lost in space and time!

This OLSA Crew and Aliens – Making Space Their Own!

Flung through time twenty five years into the past, these future space explorers end up not too far from our current present — albeit about fifteen lightyears away. Crash landed in the starsystem scientists call Trappist-1 a language barrier between these astronauts and the natives is the least of their problems. Insufficient sunlight from this brown dwarf star, and only three short weeks after their arrival on a ridiculously non-violent planet, a murder occurs leaving the astronauts prime suspects. The Great Endeavour of the OLSA astronauts begins with a quest to clear their names and prove their competence to the natives. And, if possible, get their rocket back.

But The Great Endeavour doesn’t end there. A series of adventures, misadventures, victories and failures, mar their path home as they explore more and more of the endless frontier we call space.

The Great Endeavour is a surefire win for sci-fi fans who want something entertaining, elevating, awe-inspiring and full of the possibilities that the hope of a space exploration age brings to mind.

Todd Baker

Commander Barney Terwilliger

Commander Barney Terwilliger, is the hot-shot Afghanistan war veteran in command of the series’ namesake rocket The Great Endeavour, or the OLSA Rocketship Endeavour to Terwilliger. He comes off as abrasive and cocky, but underneath his quick-draw, solve every problem with a punch mentality there is a man with a heart of gold and the patience to truly care about the peaceful paradise that a serial killer threatens to destroy.

Kathleen Bostick

Payload Commander Andreaka Ferrari

Andreaka Ferrari, is African-American, born into the Italian mafia and a contradiction in terms in more ways than one. She provides the voice of reason for the motley group and the shortest temper. She’s the one who keeps her head under the most difficult conditions and never looks like she’s out of her element, even when she is. She only kept her name Ferrari because she liked all the boys chasing her in high school, though she’s totally professional at the same time. She’s competitive and cooperative, just like the mafia families that influenced her childhood.

Pilot Juliana “Blue Jay” Wojciehowicz

Major Juliana Wojciehowicz is the Jewish Air Force flying ace and the absolute normal one of the group. She  doesn’t have an odd history. She’s not the one who needs to find weird ways of coping with being in space. She’s the one who can see every single impossible event occur and analyze it, file it and base future decisions on it, without apparent conflict, all of her disbelief contained internally. Of course, she never wanted to go to space, in the first place.

C’Chi Payne

Integrated Communications Officer Donisha “INCO” Navrátil

Donisha Navrátil is an engineer for OLSA assigned to the Endeavour in the Mars project. She serves as the Integrated Communications Officer or INCO. Nisha can not only repair the communications system, but also operate it and has skill with linguistics, as well, speaking both English and Italian. She’s hard to rattle and generally level headed.

Adrian Allen

Science Specialist Malachi Lewis

Malachi Lewis, the National Guard Lieutenant, is the towering African-American science officer, who, under normal circumstances, is the totally level-headed voice of reason — unflappable. However, on an alien planet, with half the sun’s brightness as Earth and two close-by planets hanging in the sky, his choices are sing so he stays conscious, or hyperventilate and pass out. He’s the kind who easily connects with the kids and is also almost as good as Terwilliger when a fight is necessary.

Joanna Benitez

Flight Engineer Amelia “Mia” Marroquín

Amelia (Mia) Marroquín is a South American engineer, who joined OLSA just for this mission. She’s an engineering genius. She can fix anything she sets her eyes on, the question is just how long it will take her to learn it.

Jimmy Ace Lewis

Operations Specialist Malcolm “Tanto” Silverheels

Malcolm Silverheels, one of the astronauts who could be assigned to any job, is of Mohawk-Powhatan ancestry. He learned much about the Mohawk sub-culture of the Haudenosaunee being one of the few young people left who still values the old ways of his tribe. This he tries to balance with his future in OLSA. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, but walking that tightrope between his tribe’s old ways and the ways of the astronauts gives him a difficult task.

Jason Arribas

Antimatter Physisicst Desiderio Lee

Desiderio Lee is Filipino-American and another of Marroquín’s engineering staff who is closely related to the antimatter engine, which he has the most control over. He is the underling who technically outranks the engineers, regarding the anti-matter engine as he’s the one who knows the details of its operation.

Rupali Sehgal

Engineer Kiran “Ray” Rao

Kiran “Ray” Rao is the Indian-American technology specialist and assistant engineer to Marroquín. She’s sharp, she’s calculated and she’s brilliant. She’s also fiercely loyal and shrewd with a hard to identify line in the sand regarding her conscience. She’s got a photographic memory that helps her with learning languages and with adapting rapidly to foreign situations and learning new technologies. She’s one of the few crew members to give Prilken Shvel a run for his money.

Christina Coulter

Astronaut Sidonia “Sid” Fournier

Sidonia (Sid) Fournier, is a hot shot, despite being one of the youngest of the team. She’s sharp and she doesn’t mince words. Confident enough to call things as she sees them, without any attempt to placate those around her.

Racquel Baez

Astronaut Araceli Ortega

Araceli Ortega, was originally a waitress, until her interest in space prompted her to fill the vacant post in OLSA, on the Endeavour for the Mars project. She struggles with the conversion from hospitality job to protector job.

Jeff Lapidus

Doctor Gustav “Haus” Wagner

M.D. and ship’s doctor Gustav Wagner, is the attending physician for the crew, with German and Greek ancestry who was never in the military or any space program. He’s the most stubborn of the crew in that it takes him the longest to accept that what he and his fellow astronauts are seeing is not a hallucination. Wagner is the one who is so set in his ways and beliefs that it takes very hard situations that seriously challenge his training to learn when he is wrong.

Marybeth W. Davidson

Psychiatrist Margaret “Freud” Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds is the psychiatrist for the crew with Irish ancestry from the American South and again, the bearer of an honorary rank of Lieutenant due to her medical expertise. She’s got a degree in psychology and  one in  psychiatry. But her most useful skill in this weird journey that this crew has embarked upon is the ability to hypnotize and place posthypnotic suggestions, such as Lewis’ post-hypnotic suggestion to sing rather then hyperventilate. She’s well-grounded and able to  easily adapt to the situation at hand, taking every event as it comes. Her nurturing personality also helps a lot with communicating with the peaceful Ulndirites.

Yet to be Cast

Microbiologist Sinead “Mike” Igbinoghene

PhD Sinead (Mike) Igbinoghene is the crew’s Microbiologist and only officer originally from the Navy, where he is a Lieutenant-Commander. Even though he’s technically retired, his profession of microbiology is where his nick-name of “Mike” comes from. Mike has kept his African surname out of pride. He’s also the kind of person who is always the comic relief, because of how he takes everything in stride. He’s not obnoxious, but manages to be funny when he points out in no uncertain terms – reality.

Deborah Madick

Nuclear Physicist Zhanna Alekseevna “Alex” Zaytsev

PhD Жанна Алексеевна (Alex) Зайцев is the nuclear physicist from Eurasia, either Russia or Ukraine, the exact location unspecified. She is assigned to be in charge of the nuclear power generator that will power the complex on Mars that is designed to run off of a nuclear reactor. Trouble is, she has no worthwhile training for being stranded on a world and aboard a ship that uses nothing as dangerous as nuclear. Therefore she starts to explore other possibilities of her character. This includes a strong sense of tactics and even skill for command and combat, making her a person who will ultimately help with the Endeavour’s covert operations, whenever necessary.

Dale Dobson

Linguist Hajipar (HAH-jip-PAHR)

Hajipar is the Ulndirite linguist. While his child-like naivety enables him to master languages faster than many human linguists, it makes him very gullible and uninformed about many harsh truths. He’s the liaison between the OLSA astronauts and the peaceable Ulndirites. He doesn’t Scream at the same things other Ulndirites Scream at.  Why he was chosen as a linguist to work with the potentially suicidal astronauts.

Mary Beth Morrison

Chef/Mother Vweln

Previously a nurse, who changed professions to single motherhood after about a decade of  medicine, Vweln is the woman Hajipar hired to cook for the Star League crew and single mother. She’s not single due to catastrophe, but because all Ulndirite mothers are single. This leads to less jealousy and more peace. She’s very protective of her children and doesn’t like the influence the astronauts are having on her children.

Zachery Bowman


Loikem, eleven Earth years old, is Vweln’s eldest boy. He’s adventurous and adapts rapidly to the crew, forming a strong bond with Lewis. He’s like all Ulndirite children and gets quiet and still when danger lurks.

McKenzie McMahan


Sirsis, five Earth years old, she is  the youngest daughter of Vweln also the reason Vweln has not had another child. Sirsis is only just weened or weening. She’s a typical just beyond toddler. Mischievous without intention. She’s the kind to see only the good, not just because she’s an Ulndirite, but because of her age as well.

Zander Krenger

Renewal Officiator Lospit

Lospit is a classic Ulndirite, conscientious and attune to the world around him, in a slightly naive way. He’s very knowledgeable about his specific profession, but not very knowledgeable about much else. Helpful like most Ulndirites to the best of his ability.

Sammy Newk

Engineer Volharpt

Volharpt is a very methodical, formal engineer in charge of his repair/construction team at the renewal center closest to Vorrshka and Pisarol. He’s persistent in his slow and methodical way. He finds the astronauts unsettling as they are far less formal and more hot-headed than his typical team.

Robert DiGiulio

Special Investigator Drelkif Gleepth

He is Wilcox, not Ulndirite, from the further planet from the sun, hence his sunglasses. He has little patience for dealing with the inept Taflemok as he calls the Ulndirites who are from the more peaceful and brighter world of Ulndi. He’s the investigator first sent to evaluate the threat of the Endeavour crew’s arrival.

 A Galaxy Awaits…

Get to know the races of the galaxy that the Endeavour must now explore, in the hopes of getting home.



The springboard of the The Great Endeavour to find these astronauts’ home is the Trappist-1 system. That houses three individual planets with either life or relics of such in this fictionalized version. Which introduces a new concept to the perception of race, those of a multi-planetary type that occupies a solitary star-system.