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Star League was established after the unification of the Solar System and is an exploratory military best comparable to a stellar Navy.

Star League officers can hail from any planet in the United Sovereignties Administration and, under special circumstances, foreign planets should the entrant in question be sufficiently vetted by trusted Sovereignties Administrators.

The Star League rankings are a combination of Regular Army and Naval ranks.F

Flag Officers:

General FO-6

Admiral FO-5

Brigadier FO-4

Commodore FO-3

Colonel FO-2

Captain FO-1

Senior Officers:

Brigadier SO-8

Commodore SO-7

Colonel SO-6

Captain SO-5

Commander SO-4

Major SO-3

Lieutenant SO-2

Ensign SO-1

Junior Officers/Enlisted Officers:

Ensign EO-5

Chief Master Sergeant EO-4

Master Sergeant EO-3

Chief Petty Officer EO-2

Sergeant EO-1

Sergeant EP-3

Enlisted Personnel:

Corporal EP-2

Petty Officer EP-1

Officer Cadets/Enlisted Cadets:

Field Cadet EC-4

Senior Cadet EC-3

Junior Cadet EC-2

Aspirant Cadet EC-1

Civilian Personnel:

Detective CP-D

Chef CP-C

Barber CP-H

Counselor CP-T

Teacher CP-E

Server CP-W

Student CP-S

Parent CP-P

Child CP-M

Diplomatic Observer CP-O

Botanist CP-G

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